The world of Hunt: Showdown can be an especially dangerous place. It is a sandbox environment in which many hunters attempt to collect Bounty Tokens and slay monsters while squaring off against one another. Savvy players will find that they can use specific aspects of this environment to their advantage.

Doors and Windows Edit

To open standard doors and windows, press [F] or force them open with a sledgehammer or explosives (this will be noisy). Reinforced doors can only be opened from one side and cannot be damaged by melee tools or attacks, but can be broken with explosives.

Windows can be broken, and shutters can be opened and closed. Reinforced windows cannot be forced open.

Diversions Edit

Some items on the map can be activated manually to create noise and draw enemies to a certain location. These include pianos, gramophones, and other objects.

Flammable objects Edit

Pools of oil, barrels, and other flammable materials can be ignited by firing at them, or throwing an igniting object, such as a lantern, at them. Yellow barrels leak flammable fluid, and red barrels explode when ignited.

Animals Edit

Caged dogs, caged chickens, dying horses, and ravens can be found around the map. If players get too close, they will make noise, potentially alerting other players as well as attracting nearby creatures. Animals only react to Hunters, not to monsters.

Red Pen

Animal Pen (Dogs/Chickens)

Tools and Weapons Edit

Players will be able to pick up and use some of the tools and weapons found on the map. Sledgehammers deliver a powerful melee attack and can be used to break open some doors and objects. Lanterns illuminate a team's proximity and can be thrown to start a fire. Both are temporary tools and are limited in duration or number of uses. They cannot be equipped in the store and will disappear when players leave the match, even if they exit the map while holding them.

Machinery Edit

These include elevators and reinforced doors. Some cranks require two payers to operate.

Generators Edit

Turning on a generator will power on lights and machinery in the vicinity, create noise, and attract enemies.

Sound traps Edit

Walking through or over a sound trap will make noise that attracts monsters and alerts other players.

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