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Map of Stillwater Bayou

Map of Lawson Delta

There are currently three maps in Hunt: Showdown - Stillwater Bayou, Lawson Delta, and DeSalle


Times of day[]

Currently there are 6 times of day available in the game: foggy day, night, gold, neutral, dusk and sunset.

Map elements[]

Spawn point[]

The players/teams spawn randomly into a match at a spawn point randomly chosen from a pool of possible locations.

Extraction points[]

Main article: Extraction

Extractions are places on the map where hunters can leave the area alive at any time. Three extraction points spawn randomly each match from a pool of possible locations. As of update 1.4.8 the game will ensure that two of the three extractions will be at least 500m apart. Depending on the extraction location either an armoured carriage or armoured steam boat is used to transport hunters out of the map.


Compounds are groups of buildings, normally encircled by perimeter wall or fencing. Compounds are typically spaced equidistant from one another, but may vary considerably in size. Inside each compound clues can be found that will strike off some of the remaining compounds from the map, gradually revealing the target monster lair. Target lairs are also randomly generated in one (or two in the case of dual-bounty games) of these same compounds. Within each compound supplies such as ammunition, med kits, traps etc can be found.

Resupply points[]

Main article: Resupply Point

Resupply points are spots on map where large amount of ammunition boxes and med kits are located. On each map 5 resupply points are available from a pool of over 50 possible locations. Resupply points can be either small clusters of abandoned covered wagons, or abandoned beached river boats, depending on where they spawn. They are marked on the map by wagon thmb icon. They will always be shown on the map in bounty hunt but will only be displayed in quickplay after the resupply point has been found by the player.


An unclaimed clue

Main article: Clues and Rifts

A Clue is an anomaly found in the area where the target beast resides. It resembles a pile of ash on the ground and is said to smell of burnt flesh and sulfur. Hunters are able to track clues from a distance with the use of dark vision. When found, they can 'open' it to relive the events that left an imprint on reality, and by doing so, narrow down the location of the beast's lair. At least one clue is located in each compound on the map, but the exact location within the compound is randomly picked from the set of possible locations. In certain compounds two clues will spawn at the same time. After a clue is 'opened' it may still be used by rival players/teams for the same purpose, up until the target beast is banished.

Map objects[]

Main article: World

Map objects are entities in the world that can be interacted with: doors, lamps, ammunition boxes, explosive barrels etc.


Tower near C&A Lumber

Towers are shooting pulpits and scout towers located on both maps. Bottom of the towers are protected from most directions and contain ladder leading upstairs. The top floor normally has 2 small widows on the side with shutters, allowing hunter to break the line of sight, and also big window in the front. There may be a box under each tower, on top of which Medkits, Ammunition, Axe, Hammer, Bear traps and Lanterns can spawn. In the tower itself there can also spawn a Medkit, Ammo Box, Special Ammo Box or a Weapon, normally a rifle.

Watch Towers[]

Watchtower near Healing Waters Church

Watchtowers are larger towers than the hunting towers. Typically several items will spawn within the tower, items like: medkits, ammunition, Weapons, Cash Registers or Lootable Items. Watch towers typically offer excellent sight lines across the map, but consequently are visible from large areas as well.


  • Prior to Update 4.1 lawson delta had only day time available. In said update night was also introduced
  • Update 5.0 introduced all times of day to all maps

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