Map access: [TAB]

The Map depicts the geography of players' locations. Their position, and that of their teammates (if they have one) are marked in blue. Specific location names are also marked on the map. If a red line divides the map into sections, it indicates that there is a target monster located within each section.

If players find a clue, the map will change to indicate a smaller area in which the monster may be hiding. When a Hunter starts a Banishing, a burning effect will appear on the map, including the location of the Banishing.

Additionally, the map shows Extraction Points and Resupply Points. However, only Major Resupply Points - those that contain multiple ammo crates - will be visible. Major Resupply Points only appear on the map when players are in the vicinity.

Known areas:

Bounty Map

Easter eggs Edit

Evil Dead Easter Egg! ~ Hunt Showdown

Evil Dead Easter Egg! ~ Hunt Showdown

So far, only a pair of Easter eggs has been found in the game, though there may be more. The first are the rubber ducks found in many areas, a calling card in most Crysis games.

Another is the cabin from The Evil Dead, with a fairly high level of attention to detail. It can be found in the video.