Lanterns and lamps are a type of tool found in Hunt: Showdown. They are only found in the world and are not purchasable. Players may find them within crates or on the floor. Lighting the provides illumination in dark areas, but also can tip off other players.

Tips Edit

  • Stationary lamps, while not able to be equipped, can be turned on and off. They can also be shot, resulting in fire damage.
  • Lanterns that can be picked up, as most equippable items, can be used as a weapon against monsters and other players. Using them requires the aim button; the lantern shatters on contact, causing fire damage.
  • If the lantern toss doesn't result in a direct impact, the target will remain on fire for a short duration before the flames extinguish.
    • The fire will spread across the area, and grunts (especially) who walk through the flames will end up dying.
    • Armored die in one shot with the lantern.
    • Meatheads need up to four lanterns in order to kill.
  • Because the fuel source is oil, they can be used on targets in water.
  • If you shoot a lantern that someone is holding, nothing happens.
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