Health bar

The health display shows players' current health status and consists of varying combinations of small and large health chunks. Making up a maximum health capacity of 150 hit points. Small health chunks are worth 25 hit points; large health chunks are worth 50 hit points. Every Hunter comes with a different combination of health chunks though the first one (far left) will always be a large, 50 hit points capacity one.

When players take damage, they lose hit points, depleting health. A partially depleted health bar will regenerate by itself fairly quickly unless the damage was dealt by fire. A health bar that has been completely depleted does not regenerate on its own but can be healed by using a First Aid Kit found in the world or brought as equipment, or a Vitality Shot. Health chunks that were partially burned regenerate very slowly and can effectively cap a players max health until regeneration finished. Health chunks that were completely burned down do not regenerate and can not be healed conventionally.

Players can use a First Aid Kit or Vitality Shot at any time, unless poisoned. Once health reaches 0, players become incapacitated, and can only be revived by a team member. When all team members are incapacitated, they are declared permanently dead. Additionally, Hunters can be permanently killed by burning them once downed. This will result in their health bar slowly burning consecutive chunks, leaving them unable to be healed conventionally. When the full bar is burned down the Hunter is considered burned out and can not be revived or looted.

Health will be very low upon revival (but up to 100 when the trait Resilience is equipped) and being incapacitated will always result in the permanent loss of the last health chunk whether it is a large or a small one. This can also permanently kill a Hunter that has already lost all other health chunks to fire or previous incapacitation.

The only way to restore destroyed health chunks is by initiating a banishing ritual which will also heal all other lost health and end status effects such as burning, bleeding and poisoning.


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