Health bar

The health display shows players' current health status and consists of varying combinations of small and large health chunks. Every Hunter comes with a different combination of health chunks, and additional health chunks can be purchased in the store or earned by leveling up. Though Hunters comes with varying health chunk combination, players will never start with fewer than 50 hit points.

Every Hunter has a maximum health capacity of 150 hit points, and a minimum of 1. Players can use a First Aid Kit at any time to regenerate health status, unless the damage has been done by burning. When health reach 0, players become incapacitated, and only their teammates can revive them. Health will be very low upon revival. When both team members are incapacitated, they are declared permanently dead.

Small health chunks are worth 25 hit points; large health chunks are worth 50 hit points. When players take damage, they lost hit points, depleting health. A partially depleted health bar will slowly regenerate over time. A health bar that has been completely depleted does not regenerate.

Health chunks get depleted and effectively lower max health. Small health chunks can be bought back for 1 Upgrade Point and large health chunks for 3 Upgrade Points after a mission.

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