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  • Contains information mostly for new players.
  • Some of the information is common knowledge, some is not.
  • You may want to read through even if you don't consider yourself particularly new, just in case there's something you've missed that can help you in future matches.

(Brief Synopsis of the game's premise)
(For info on basic/decent loadouts, go to this page)

Tips Edit

  • Do all difficulties of training (Once per) for a large amount of Blood Bonds to buy legendary hunters/weapon skins
  • Don't forget to check recruitment each round for Free Hunters
  • Bring a medkit and 2 vitality shots. You don't want to be caught in a fight with no way to heal
  • Make sure you're using decent loadouts

Tactics Edit

  • Look down and move your camera around when looting/reviving/interacting to make it harder for hiding enemies to shoot your head
  • If you can't avoid crows, you can burn them with a lantern or fire bomb to prevent them from triggering and flying off
  • Use decoys, throwing knives, or silenced guns to break the lanterns above the red pens to kill all the animals inside
  • Shoot crows in the distance with a silenced weapon to trick enemies into watching that location for enemies
  • Shoot beartraps to quickly disarm them
  • Use Sticky Bombs to bring a boss down to 25% health
  • Use blunt weapons to kill immolators without triggering their explosion

Information Edit

  • Crows fly at a straight angle from where they were (Leading back to whatever triggered them)
  • Full size antidote shots last 60 minutes (full match's duration) and are effective even after being downed
  • Momentarily tapping/reviving a burning teammate's body puts out the fire
  • Burned Hunters are unable to be looted. This includes their weapons
  • Liftable red gates will drop if they are shot
  • A single dynamite stick can kill a meathead
  • Killing a Hive kills/stops her bugs. You can melee to kill the her bugs on you
  • Immolators explode when their skin is punctured. They burn out and die after 30 seconds
  • Water devils respawn shortly after they've been killed. Nearby water devils despawn if one of them is killed
  • Meatheads only see hunters that are poisoned. Angry or dying leeches will make the meathead blindly attack around it
  • Hellhounds and Immolators are more alert than other enemies
  • A health bar is lost/unhealable if it burns away completely or the hunter goes down
  • Lost health bars can be recovered in the lobby for trait points OR by banishing a boss
  • Banishing restores 2 small bars or 1 large. (Exception: If health is 50-25-25-50 with the last two being lost, both will be recovered)
  • Bringing 2 weapons that use the same bullet type combines their ammo pool
  • Choke bombs put out fires and remove poison clouds
  • Clues glow red when enemies are nearby unless you've already collected it
  • When near a boss, the icon will flash white when in Dark Sight. Or red if there are enemies nearby
  • Bosses frenzy, take less damage and change their attacks, for a short period after losing 25% of their health (This happens every 25%)

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(These maps with more detail and interaction can be found here 

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