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Page will be updated soon with the new death screen!

Mostly the buttons on the death screen are self explaining. But on this page every button and Icon gets a small explaination what it means and does.

Click on an Icon to jump to the explanation.

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Downed/Dead header[edit | edit source]

The header at the top displays if you are downed and can get revived.

Or if you are dead and cannot get revived anymore.

Killer Information[edit | edit source]

  • The Hunter Information displays the name of the Person that killed you (that name can also be switched off in the HUD options to not get displayed)
  • The Level that get displayed represent the current rank of the Hunter the Killer killed you with
  • The Skin your Enemy used to kill you
  • The arrows that are displayed represent your Killers elo compared to yours:
    • Two Arrows up means a lot better
    • One Arrows up means a bit better
    • Two arrows to the side mean equal
    • One Arrow down means a bit worse
    • One Arrow down means a lot worse

Weapon Icon[edit | edit source]

  • The distance of the Shot gets displayed on the top
  • In the middle a picture of the used weapon is displayed
  • Below the picture the name of the weapon gets displayed

Special Icons[edit | edit source]

Depending on the kill a third icon can be displayed. That depends on how the player got killed. Possible icons are:

    • Headshot
    • Killed through wall
    • Killed through wall with a headshot

Back to Menu[edit | edit source]

The back to menu button is pretty much self explaining. When you press it you get sent back to the menu.

Spectate[edit | edit source]

Spectate allows you to spectate:

  • In Bounty Hunt your partner(s) in a duo or a trio
  • In Quickplay to spectate all remaining living players

Details[edit | edit source]

Profile Screen.png

Details opens a profile of your Killer It shows:

  • Their Prestige
  • Their Steamname
  • The Hunter Name and Level
  • Some more statistics about their account (If Stats are not hidden)
  • Their steam profile (If Stats are not hidden)
  • The report button where you can report your Killer for different reasons

Damage History[edit | edit source]

Damage History.png

The damage history shows the last instances where the player received damage from before he was full health. Regenerating health resets the damage history and starts from the beginning. It helps the player to understand why he for example died to a weapon in one hit (could be synced shots [two players shot at the enemy at the same moment] or he got damaged before form AI and didn't recognize it)

Max amount of history is three damage sources and the deathblow

Kill view[edit | edit source]

Kill view helps the player to understand where he got killed from. Possibly learns new angles to specific spots.

Note: Due to latency differences it can happen that the kill view shows the enemy shot through a wall. So always calculate that with what you are seeing.(It can differ at about 1 and 1 and a half meter) Also the player model is thicker than the blue skull in the kill view. So it can be that when for example the blue skull is behind a wall. You arm was still sticking out and got hit by the shot.