Damage types
For weapon damage types, see Weapon#Damage.

The three main types of damage done to a Hunter are bleeding, burning, and poison.

Bleeding Edit

Bleeding causes a continual loss of health. To stop bleeding, press [F] and hold until the process is complete. If players do not stop bleeding, they will continue to lose health until they are incapacitated. While players are stopping bleeding, they cannot do anything else and are more vulnerable to attack.

Burning Edit

Burning causes a continual loss of health for as long as players are burning, simultaneously damaging their maximum possible health and disabling them permanently. To stop burning, press [F]. If burning reduces players' health status to 0, they cannot be revived and will immediately permanently die.

Poison Edit

Poison does not inflict damage-over-time, but while poisoned, health does not regenerate. The poison will wear off on its own over time or can be cured with an Antidote Shot.

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