The butcher. A deformed animal head of some kind. I can see flesh and teeth and a tortured eye.

The Butcher is one of the boss monsters in Hunt: Showdown. Players need to take it down with shotguns and explosives. Large and resistant, it is immune to fire.

Tips Edit

  • As mentioned above, the best loadout should have shotguns and explosives. Some of the better firearms include:
  • Alternatively, other loadouts involve taking high capacity weapons such as the Winfield M1873, Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol, and Dolch 96, which will allow players to stunlock the boss and finish in less than a minute.
  • Kite him. This involves getting to a safe range, firing at him, reloading, and then running away again.
    • When his hook is set on fire, it becomes doubly important to stay at range.
  • He will become stunned at times, dropping to one knee. This is the best opportunity to use explosives to their greatest potential. However, one must be fast, as the Butcher will likely move out of the blast zone.
    • Don't waste time with Fire Bombs, as he is immune to fire damage.
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