• The playable character you bring into a match
  • The Hunter you bring to the match levels independently from your account
  • Hunters' levels allow them to restore their lost health or get traits/perks that change how they play
  • If a hunter dies, they are dead permanently (Unless your account is below Rank 11)

Match FormatEdit

  • You and up to 11 other players join a match. The map and bounty is random.
  • Your objective is to kill the boss and extract with its bounty.
  • There are 2 possible maps. Lawson Delta(Link) and Stillwater Bayou(Link)
  • There are 3 possible bounties: Spider, Butcher, Assassin.
  • There can be one or two bounties in a match, splitting the map between them.
  • Collecting a clue darkens sections of the map that a boss isn't in.
  • After collecting 3 clues for the same bounty, its location is marked.

(Bounty Tokens explained )

When in close proximity to cluesEdit

  • You won't be able to see other clues in darksight
  • It'll glow red and "growl" if enemies are close by
  • It'll be hollow if any player has collected it
  • It won't glow red for your team if you've already collected it

When in close proximity to the bossEdit

  • The boss' icon will blink white by default (While in dark sight)
  • The boss' icon will blink red and aggressively whisper if there are enemies close by (While in dark sight)
  • People in the boss' room will make it agitated which can be heard from outside
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