Bounty Tokens

Two Bounty Tokens appear when a Banishing is complete. They can be picked up by any player, and their presence is indicated on top of the Monster Status icon. The left line turns white when players have collected a token, and the right line turns blue when players' partners have collected a token. This is visible to all players. A player cannot have two same bounties at the same time. However a player can have two bounties from different bosses at the same time, for example one spider and one butcher bounty.

Once players extract with the Bounty Tokens, they exchange them for a cash reward, an amount that is defined at the beginning of each mission. When the Monster Status icon goes grey, all the trophy tokens have been collected and extracted, and the other players have lost the match.

Once a match has no more bounties to take and/or extract, all players in match are given five minutes to extract to nearest extraction point or they risk losing their hunter.

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