Armored is a type of monster in Hunt: Showdown. It is resistant to rending damage as well as bullets, though is vulnerable to fire. It is covered by protective armor that can be chipped off by attacks.

Behavior Edit

Armored monsters are commonly seen in jungles and inside the towns. They often move around at a very slow pace and in a short path. They are never seen crossing the whole map. Hunters can have difficulty passing an area patrolled by an Armored as they need a lot bullets and melee damage to be put down.

Lanterns or any form of fire can prove effective as a method to put down Armored quickly. An Armored on fire will quickly and violently react to the attacking Hunters for few seconds before dying.

Initially, Armored are slow moving creatures when they are unaware of nearby Hunters. However, they will react rather quickly and jog very fast to catch up the to the Hunters and attack them, potentially causing moderate to major damage. It is very difficult to escape from an Armored in close range and a melee attack is strongly recommended to fend off the attack.

Strengths Edit

  • Strong melee attack
  • Fast and will give chase when provoked
  • Resistant to gunfire

Weaknesses Edit

  • Weak spots are head and belly
  • If you shoot or melee the legs the leg armor will fall off resulting in the monster walking slowly.
  • Has weakness to fire (especially Lanterns and Fusees)
  • Melee attacks with edged weapons deal significant damage.
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